Take your best friend to the groomer, or do it yourself?

We all love our dogs way too much. This motivates us to cater to all their needs and make sure that they are perfectly fine, and why shouldn’t we. Grooming and cleaning are some of the most important things and the owners are mostly not negligent about this. These little cuties get really dirty pretty quick, which is why they require proper attention towards their cleanliness and grooms. Keeping all this in mind, what choice should one really go with? Do you with your best friend to the groomer or do you manage it yourself? 

Grooming them yourself

Firstly, if you are going to go with this option, you will require a complete grooming kit for your dogs. This kit includes hair and nail clippers, shampoo, and conditioner to name a few. This isn’t that easy on the pocket but it is a cost-effective technique for the long-run. You will only have to buy the shampoo and conditioners once they finish and replace the worn-out blades on other things. Going to the groomer can turn out to be quite hefty on your pocket.

This also saves your little buddies from the anxiety they have to go through when they go to a groomer. If you groom them yourself then they might stay more calm and comfortable as opposed to the groomer. You can also decide how much time you want to spend on the grooming and everything yourself as well. 

The only drawback to this is that it’s a pretty time-consuming process. No matter how experienced you are, grooming your dog yourself will be quite a hassle and will take you plenty of time. If you have to clean up after grooming, then that means more hours on your clock can pass.

You will also need to figure out for yourself, what cleaning products you will be needing according to the health and breed of the dog. You can ask your veterinarian to help you with this. 

Taking your dog to a professional dog groomer

Taking this decision also has its pros and cons. For one, this is going to cost you more than grooming your dog yourself of course. However, some things require the expertise of a professional. Some examples of treatments are descending or shaving off their matted coat. The biggest benefit of going to a professional dog groomer is the experience and skills they have. Dog grooming requires proper care and some things require expertise. If you clip their nails too short, it can hurt your buddy and can also cause bleeding. All the tools and equipment required for anything are available with them so there’s no extra worrying. 

Another great advantage is that they undergo some medical checks on your dog as well. These include expressing their anal glands and checking their ears for any possible infections. 

One of the drawbacks is that professional grooming is going to cost you quite a bunch. If there are additional treatments like the ones mentioned above, then that will add up to the bill. Finding the right groomer for your dog takes time. Leaving them at the groomers for a few hours can also cause a lot of stress and anxiety for them as these places are mostly loud and busy. 

Bottom line

It all goes down to your personal preference. Can you fully groom your dog on your own and do you have the time? It also depends greatly on your affordability so it really depends on what you consider after finding out all the pros and cons.  0000001000