Safe dog toys

Our little buddies deserve all the care and attention you can give them. This means that we must make sure we are keeping them safe, healthy and happy at all times. Dogs have certain needs and the need to chew comes naturally to them. Instead of suppressing this urge completely, you should buy them chew toys instead so that they chew on appropriate things rather than your shoes, which might damage their teeth. Chewing is actually good for your best friends teeth and gums. It also keeps them satisfied and keeps their agitation to the minimum.

Dogs need both mental and physical stimulation. If they have a toy to chew on, that will keep their brains and bodies occupied.

There are many toys available in the market but we have picked out some of the best for your dog in terms of both safety and quality.

Nylabone dura chew plus

In an array of options, nylabone dura chew plus is a product that stands out. The ridges and nubs on it make for a satisfying chew as it stimulated the gums. It comes in classic bone shape and is made from solid nylon material. This basically satisfies all dogs as it has s classic chew. It wears out slowly as your dog chews on it. Only grains of it come off which are as small as the size of a rice grain which makes it safe to ingest. This will make your little buddy feel satisfied as well as he/she has made progress chewing it. The tactile sensation it gives is quite pleasing for your canine companions. It has thousands of positive reviews, making it one of the top choices.

Nylabone dura chew plus will cost you around $15 which is not very pricey. It does wear out with time and how fast it wears out depends on how much of a voracious cheer your canine is. You will have to replace it every 1 to 6 months.

Kong Classic dog toy

It’s a chewing toy but so much more. Most of the dog parents out there have either heard about or seen this in pet stores. These are made of sturdy rubber and are designed for medium chewers. For heavy chewers, there are virtually indestructible Kong toys available as well.

The Kong chew toys have a bouncing pattern which can lead to some very fun fetching games as well! This will have your dog all giddy and excited. For instance, your dog isn’t that much into fetching then you can make them work for their rewards by adding little treats or peanut butter in their Kong toys. This will cost you about $12 and is made with an all-natural rubber.

Outward Hound Bionic Ball

This is one of the most affordable and amazing toys available out there. It will only cost you $6 for the medium-sized model. Its spherical shapes allow you to play fetch with your buddies for as long as you want to. It’s not just for playing fetch but your dogs can chew on it also! This too can be stuffed with treats. You just have to be careful with heavy chewers because this is not completely indestructible.