Natural flea protection for your dog

Have you seen anyone’s dogs itching a lot? Or saw dogs too irritated, using paws to scratch their bodies all around? You must be assuming something fishy is happening with a dog! Maybe, it is worrying because there is a probable chance of the presence of obnoxious fleas. Fleas are tiny creatures of approximately 1/16 inches in size, resembles lice. These creatures are dark coloured insects and do not have wings. Fleas are parasites and have categories. If you specifically consider the dog fleas, they feed upon a dog’s blood through their tiny mouth which precisely injects and pierce into the skin of dogs and sip the blood. Obviously, the carried saliva and contained bacteria or virus in Flea’s mouth cause itching into the affected area, where it bites the dog and the dog turns out to be unwell! Moreover, the fleas could jump really high and can get into other dogs nearby. Are you getting worried about your own dogs and having a question of what to do? So, let’s begin with the do’s procedure of protection before your dog gets attacked by fleas!

Ways of protection of dogs from fleas:

There are natural remedies plus several products available in the market to fight with fleas. In fact, Americans have spent millions of dollars in the research and the development of products that could counter flea and protect dogs, rats, and cats from the flea. The products typically include spray to kill the flea.

Natural flea protection, a way better option:

The natural remedies are far better that can be used to protect dogs from flea because the natural procedures are environment-friendly and not at all costly. The artificial products are too hazardous and contain such a high level of chemicals that could adversely impact our ecology, economy, and environment to a very large extent. The health problems could so severe that it could lead to seizures and ultimately to death. Isn’t that shocking and more than enough to turn our backs towards the golden period of old age and its natural solutions?

What natural flea protection remedies you could practice for your dogs? 

Natural remedies are far more cheap, convenient and environment-friendly that you can pursue and practice in daily life in any case. As far as natural flea protection is concerned, there are certain things you could do to your dogs. Like you can use black walnuts. Walnuts should be given orally as it is flea repellent and avoid flea to attack dogs. Clean your rugs, carpets, and furniture daily and then sprinkle Diatomaceous earth (algae powder which is organic) so that fleas could not be developed or their eggs could not be hatched. Use herbal shampoos upon your dogs when taking them for bath etc.

Hence, your dogs can be easily protected fleas from natural and safe remedies that are worth to be implemented on a daily basis and spread for awareness among people around you. Natural protection is best! f