Christmas treats for your dog

Your calendars must be already marked! 25th of December is about to come. All Saint’s Day is about to come. Hey! It’s Christmas coming soon. You must be busy with creating Christmas costumes, in short, all over get up or have some plans for the Christmas parties, some treats for your kids and much more. Right? But what about your cutie pies, I mean your pet dogs? Trying to make a special day for all but not having a single idea of what to do for your poor dogs? No need to feel sorry for them neither need to think anymore because the blog contains an amazing solution to your problem. The blog comprises 3 most creative and easy ideas to celebrate the festive day with your dogs as well by giving them unique treats with a hint of Christmas!

A bone treat for bone lovers:

Starting with the easiest thing you could do for making yourself satisfied and your dogs even more by giving them candy cane bones as a treat for them on Christmas. The dog will also get a chance to be a part of your day’s celebration with all the love and desire for the bone. Yeah!

Introducing the symbol food “pumpkin” to your dogs:

The major component of celebration i.e. pumpkin gets everywhere all around on Christmas day. You decorate your homes, prepare the pies, food and even dress up like a pumpkin. Won’t it be mean to ignore your dogs from the symbolic pumpkin? Obviously not! To show mercy and avoid the envy of your attention seekers, pumpkin dogs give them the treat of pumpkin. The crunchy treat of pumpkin with the combination of pumpkin is the best option to give your sweet dogs. Just whisk the eggs, add pumpkin can and peanut butter, some flour too! Bake the prepared batter and the treat is all set to serve to your dogs to make their day too.

Granola bars- ready to eat treat for dogs:

Granola bars in the autumn fall for dogs can definitely a good option to make your dogs feel like a boss on Christmas night. The sweet and savory treat of oats and almonds can definitely add colors of occasion for them. Don’t know about how spooky the night would seem to be for the dogs but surely their happy faces can make your tasks a bit to easy. You can easily dress up your dogs after such a portion of treat. Seems like granola bars will make your dog’s treat your treat. Do whatever you want, the dogs are there to serve you to make your day even better. Lol!

Then what are you waiting for? Grab your, oops your dog’s treat ingredients and contribute in making your lovely dog’s day a lovely day by simple and quick treats. After all, with your 24/7 presence, your dogs are a part of your family! Let’s celebrate this Halloween with your dogs too! Merry Christmas.