Month: December 2019

Daily Brushing of Your Dog’s Teeth

Most dogs on this planet do not have the best smelling breath in the world. Plaque buildup along with the lack of hygiene are the main causes for bad breath amongst most species. The only difference with dogs is that they cannot actually brush their own teeth the way that we humans do. Plaque can […]

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Are Dog Parks a Good Place to Socialize Your Buddy?

While most people love all dogs, puppies are always a bit more popular. With puppies comes extreme responsibility however. Once your puppy gets to a certain age you will really want to start socializing your dog. How do you do this properly though? Another question that is also asked in terms of socialization is if […]

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What is the Best Toothbrush for Your Best Buddy?

When it comes to our pets we always want the best for him or her. A very popular pet across the world is the ever friendly dog. In our previous piece we discussed brushing your dog’s teeth and whether or not you should do it on a daily basis. Now that we have touched base […]

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